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Snort of Whiskey

I remember the first time I heard the term "snort" I was in college, well before finding my love of all things brownwater, out in the country, down a dirt road in southern Illinois. It was a summer job, travelling around the state and it was a hot day - one of those where you literally feel like you're baking inside your body while outside. We had finished our work and were packing up our equipment when the gentleman who owned the land we were on came over to ask us a very important question..."can I offer you fellas a snort of whiskey?" Being at the time, employed by the State of Illinois, driving a state vehicle, and seeing how it was still morning, my colleagues and I politely refused, but some twenty years later I still remember that time the random guy offered me a snort of whiskey out in the sticks (e.g., the country). I have a feeling given his age he was a Pat Travers fan, who in 1980 had a number one hit on the record charts titled "Snortin' Whiskey."

As I was thinking about today's blog post, I thought that exploring this particular term would be a bit of a fun departure from my recent musings about my disdain for crotch shots with bottles posted to Facebook and unicorns that nobody can find out in the wilds.

What is a Snort of Bourbon?

A snort of bourbon is defined as a gulp or single shot of bourbon. Historically, most often this would be a rotgut sort of dram, probably today's bottom shelf brands of bourbon would be very nice pours comparatively speaking. In more recent times the term snort has evolved to be used as a measurement equivalent to a two-ounce pour.

To Drink a Snort is Not Snorting

Interestingly, in the manner of all things ill-conceived over the last number of years from people eating Tide pods to making, and eating Nyquil chicken, snorting whiskey ranks right up there. Snorting refers to in this case, inhaling bourbon through the nose. When ingested in such a manner, the body has no opportunity to filter the alcohol through the digestive system and it goes straight to the bloodstream, and directly to the brain. This is dumb, highly unsafe and has some pretty serious side don't do it.

Bourboneur's Top Tuesday Snorts

Since last week's post I've putzed around my garage bar on most nights that end in a "y," and the three bottles below have been my favorite pours over the past week.

Redwood Empire 15 Year Haystack Needle

redwood empire haystack needle 15 year straight bourbon whiskey

I'm really enjoying Redwood Empire; they've got some great pours and this barrel proof offering is no exception. A recent Bourboneur favorite, this deep and dark dram has some great age to it and it really shines through in all the best ways in the glass. As one would expect, oak is very front and center with this pour, but perhaps unexpectedly balanced with dark fruit and baking spice notes coming along for the ride. I liked it so much, I looked far and wide for a replacement which I'm happy to report just showed up on my front stoop. Last Thursday I don't even recall how many fingers of this I poured, but everyone who had some loved it. If you're keen on this, you should take four minutes and see what other Very Drinkable High Proof Bourbons also rate up there with Bourboneur.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

woodford reserve double oaked kentucky straight bourbon whiskey

Many folks who enjoy bourbon have a "go-to" bottle that tends to be home base. I enjoy drinking all sorts of bourbon...spicy, earthy, fruity, sweet, but I always come back to one bottle, Woodford Double Oaked. It's a smooth pour that has a lot of the things that are quintessential to the American bourbon experience...oak, obviously...vanilla, ribbons of caramel and a touch of spice. It's more sweet than anything but it's a good one, if you haven't met it yet, get'll be saying "did we just become best friends?"

Still Austin Cask Strength

still austin cask strength bourbon whiskey

Still Austin you may not have heard of, but it's one to keep your eye on. Unsurprisingly located in Austin, Texas this craft distillery has earned a spot on my shelf and is a bottle I've bought some extras of to have on hand. There's a lot to enjoy in this pour which definitely does not register as being a cask strength bourbon given how smooth it goes down.

If Bourbon is Your Thing...

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