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Bourboneur Gift Guide

Bourboneur Gift Guide

Well friends, we're less than two weeks out from Christmas and if you're anything like the vast majority of American's you're scrambling to buy gifts or being asked (repeatedly) to provide a "list" of things you want to take the pressure off of your friends and family having to guess what you may want in hopes that they aren't buying you your seventh set of screwdrivers. Although Amazon sadly doesn't deliver Weller Full Proof with Prime shipping (yes, I know, this is 2022 after all!) the below list of items fit all budgets, and all can ship relatively quickly and make it under you or your loved one's trees with time to spare!

Bourboneur Top 10 Gifts

Bourboneur Glencairn Glass

Bourboneur Glencairn Glass(es)


Top of the list is our Bourboneur Glencairn Glass with custom etched 2 ounce pour line ensuring you get the perfect pour every time. Don't shortchange the experience, make sure you have the right glass!

Bourbon Novelty Socks

Novelty Socks for Bourbon Drinkers


These fun whiskey socks are in my cart right now for several friends and family members...good for Christmas or any occasion really!

Cocktail Smoker Kit

Cocktail Smoker Kit


Elevate your craft with this cocktail smoker kit, not only can you smoke your old fashioned, but your charcuterie or cheeseboard as well.

Blanton's Ice Mold

Blanton's Ice Molds


These ice molds are super cool whether you're a Blanton's fan or not...everyone has an ice mold, but this one takes the love of bourbon up a notch.


Pappyland Hardcover


A story of family, fine bourbon and things that last this instant New York Times bestseller documents the story of how Julian Van Winkle III fought to protect his family's heritage and preserve the taste of his forebears, in a world where authenticity, like his product, is in very short supply. A great read that sits on my nightstand!

Infinity Bottle

Infinity Bottle Whiskey Decanter


It's never too late to start your own infinity bottle and create a living memory of all the great pours that you've had through the years. Learn more about starting your own infinity bottle on our blog.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee


Explore these single origin whiskey barrel aged coffees roasted by Cooper's Cask, a small batch roasting company.

Bourboneur T-shirt

Bourboneur Unisex T-shirt


This high quality pre-shrunk Gildan ultra-cotton shirt is the same one I've been tailoring for years to my home bar crowd. They're legit. For the home bar heroes amongst us, show off your love of brownwater!

Bourboneur Tasting Notes

Bourbon Tasting Notes


Keep track of your thoughts as you rate and review your favorite bourbons. This note guide helps you explore your bourbons and analyze your thoughts in a simple and effective way.

Bourbon Aroma Kit

Bourbon Aroma Kit


Develop your senses and learn to decipher the complexities of various bourbon scents. This set of 36 scents unique to bourbon will help you build your mental library of aromas helping decipher nuances in your pour.


Become a Bourboneur

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