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Climate Control for Garage Bars | Find the Best Temperature Control Unit for Your Space

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If you're like me and have opted to turn some or all of your garage into a bar it's probably worth considering how to make your space more hospitable during those times when Mother Nature decides to try her best to make it unbearable for you to be outside. For me, living in Texas I opted (after a lot of research) to install a ductless mini split air conditioner and heater. Garage climate control revolutionized my world and allowed me to claim additional square footage of living space and prolong my ability to keep the bar open no matter what the temperature. You may need a 220 volt set up - so if you're not an electrician and value your life, you'll probably need someone to do this for you. I bought my mini split air conditioning and heat pump unit and it has been a trooper and handled everything Mother Nature has thrown at it. Depending on the size of your space you'll need to find a unit that matches. I've done the leg work for you below with some links.

Best Climate Control Units for Your Garage by Size

9,000 BTU (up to 400 sq. ft.) view here

12,000 BTU (450 to 750 sq. ft.) view here

18,000 BTU (750 to 1,250 sq. ft.) view here

24,000 BTU (1,250 to 1,500 sq. ft.) view here

One thing to note - no climate control system is maintenance free and these are no different. The maintenance aspect is important in keeping the unit running efficiently. There are two main things required to "maintain" these type of units, the first is super easy and that is periodically opening the front of the unit and looking at the screens. They slide out easily and can be rinsed off and then stuck back in. The screens serve as the first line of defense in keeping the units clean and mine typically have bugs, lint and all sorts of randomness on them being located in the garage. Secondly, you'll need to clean the coil and blower wheel. This is a bit more involved and we'll go into it perhaps in a later post. No worries though, it's something that you can easily do yourself!!

Looking for More Info on Climate Control for Your Garage?

Join the Bourboneur community on Facebook or on Instagram, and post your climate control (or any other) questions to the group page for guidance and input from fellow Bourboneurs. You can also find helpful items to personalize your space in The Shop.

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