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Garage Shelving Wall Design | More Garage Bar Bourbon!

garage shelving wall; garage bar; shelving brackets; lighted shelf set

I keep a photo reel tied to Amazon Photos that I play in the garage that loops through not only all the life that has happened during countless get togethers, parties and randomness but catalogues the changes that have transpired as the garage became a bar and all the upgrades and bar projects along the way. One of the more transformational projects that we undertook was removing the traditional garage doors and replacing them with roll up doors. In doing so, it opened up the space so much and allowed me the opportunity to expand upward with the shelving to be able to now make a true wall of whiskey! If you don't think you have room for this legendary wall, reconsider! Below I discuss the biggest change I made to make room for my garage shelving wall design.

Rolling Up Into More Bourbon | Make Room for Your Garage Shelving Wall

I'm generally pretty handy and can take on a lot of projects that many folks wouldn't be able to do. I still however hired a professional to do the garage door project and was very glad I did for two reasons --- first, traditional garage doors are loaded with a spring that has significant tension on it and people have been severely injured and in a few instances, even killed from messing with it. Secondly, depending on the size of your door opening, roll up doors can be heavy and you'll need a lift or some brawny friends who you'll owe lots of drinks to in order to get the door hoisted up and in place.

The prior traditional garage doors at my place utilized a Chamberlain system with myQ technology - I loved this system as it allowed me to open and close the doors from my phone, it sent me a notification if I left the door(s) open after a long night in the bar or during certain times of the day when they'd normally not be open, and I never left home not being able to remember if the doors were up or down as I could just look quickly at my phone and have that piece of mind. I was able to find a similar set up specific for roll up doors here which has been amazing - it's also pretty crazy just how quiet the doors are. If you just want to replace your old system with an opener that does all that without going the roll-up route, I've linked to what you need here.

As the project began, and all the overhead rails and supports came down it was shocking how much room had been made in the garage - it was HUGE! I had generally considered the garage to be extra living space given it hosted a bar that I spent a fair bit of time in, but now it seemed official. Make way for the garage shelving wall that would soon house my favorite bottles!

Watch out for Karen's - The Law Dawgs of Suburbia

So one aside that's likely worth a note - if you live in the land of suburbia like I do, nothing will go unnoticed by a Karen. I live in a community that is governed by a home owners association - and - despite the governing regulations being generally quiet on garage doors, Karen's ever watchful eye still was able to pick up that there was a change and I received a violation notice. My situation resolved without any issue, but yours may not and you could be out thousands of dollars in the process. Do yourself a favor and just keep Karen happy...submit the paperwork for "appropriate approval" if you live in an HOA.

Stay Tuned for More Garage Shelving Wall Tips & Ideas

Once you're ready to install your garage shelving wall, use these heavy duty modern shelf brackets to safely withstand the weight of the bottles. Then, you can upgrade your space with these 4' lighted bar shelves (shipping included). You can also go a bit bigger with 6' lighted bar shelves if space allows.

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