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Must-Have Home Appliances for Your Garage Bar

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Picking the right appliances is PIVOTAL to starting up your home bar. When I did this the first time I tried to cheap out on a few things and ended up wasting a lot of time and money in the process (as most of us have experienced with home appliances). Worse yet, having to replace something a year or two down the road isn't exactly the best either. My advice, be like me, invest for the long term.

Best Home Appliances for Your Garage Bar

There's no need for industrial or commercial appliances. Those are probably too large. However, I recommend against cheaping out. You can spend endless time and energy replacing them each year, or spend up and enjoy less maintenance and more functionality.

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Bar fridges. I have two Frigidaire Stainless Steel Beverage Centers where I keep all of my cans, bottles, and other items that need to be refrigerated. These things are AWESOME. Not only have they held up well in the humid nasty Texas heat sitting outside in my garage, they are consistent and keep everything cold. I loved these so much, I doubled up and bought two for my current bar--view them here to order some for your space.

Ice Maker. I used to carry out ice every night the garage bar was open in a little cooler for making drinks. It was a pain. Having installed an EdgeStar 25-lb Cubed Ice Maker has been a game changer for me. I never run out of ice and I'm no longer shuffling my little cooler back and forth. It has taken my game to a new level. It may seem a bit indulgent, and yes, it probably is, but having ice on demand and never having to tote my little cooler to-and-fro has been amazing. View the ice maker I use here, which has been a champ!

Kegerator. You just can't beat draft beer, and when I tell folks - I'm headed out to my garage to pour a Guinness it's a pretty enviable thing. I have a Danby (5.4-cu ft) Kegerator with auto defrost (view buying options here). What I love about it is the low floor to slide in the keg (they're heavy to lift after all!), ports on the back for gas line entry and a thermostat that's located IN THE FRONT --- important point if you're enclosing it in a bar set up. Also this kegerator has an impressive amount of space above the keg which allows for the ability to use some of the taller european kegs that have a different coupler system...PRO tip, always be planning for Oktoberfest.

Go Beyond the Essentials

Once you have the right home appliances installed in your garage bar, take it up a notch by optimizing your kegerator, installing climate control, and personalizing your space! Don't forget to share the results with your Bourboneur crew on Facebook and Instagram --we'd love to see it!

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