Top 12 Most Flipped Bourbons of 2022

September 1, 2022
Top 12 Most Flipped Bourbons of 2022

In putting together the Bourbon Blue Book, we created not only a great (and free) resource for Bourboneur's everywhere to understand current valuations of bottles on the secondary market but a data source to track trends in popularity and the ebbs and flows of interest in particular bottles or brands.  Through this proprietary resource, we compiled this list which provides a snapshot in time of what bottles are moving markets and below we also provide some commentary on why these bottles are in demand.

Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon

MSRP:  $60

Average Secondary Price:  $130

Although it should be no surprise, this bottle is a constant fixture on secondary markets everywhere.  It always seems that someone is in search of "ISO" a dump date corresponding to a specific event that's important to them, be that a birthday, anniversary or the date you got divorced given your spendy bourbon habit.  As age increases so does the price, but generally you can find this bottle in the $110 to $150 range.

Russel's Reserve 13-Year Bourbon

MSRP:  $100

Average Secondary Price:  $500

Although many popular names come to mind, I'm guessing this may not have been on your radar as one that would make the list.  A part of the Wild Turkey Family, this bourbon sprang to nearly instant fandom when it came out last year.  A second small offering of this expression just dropped this year and it was quickly met with similar excitement and apparently, this will be an annual release in the years to come.  Expect to pay from $375 on the light end all the way up to $650 if you're lucky enough to find it.

Weller 12 Year Old Bourbon

MSRP: $40

Average Secondary Price:  $255

In our recent post on Weller Bourbon, we highlighted the remarkable popularity of the Weller 12 brand and how despite being a part of Buffalo Trace's regular offerings, it's still quite uncommon to find.  It's a mainstay character in the litany of bottles that roll across secondary offerings and is no wonder as it's a great drinker.  Expect to pay anywhere from $235 to $280 to add this to your collection unless you've got a hookup somewhere!  

Stagg Jr. Bourbon | Batch 17

MSRP:  $70

Average Secondary Price:  $280

Released in the winter of 2021, Buffalo Trace continues to be on a roll with their Stagg Jr. releases which always seem to come out of nowhere but with great fanfare!  In a local bourbon group I belong to I often see folks trying to trade into a bottle of Stagg Jr. Not only is sought after but the markets show that it's moving on the regular.  Previous batches offer similar interest, with early batches now fetching near $1,000 for a bottle.  For this latest offering, expect to pay in the range of $250 to $330 to add it to your shelf.

E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon | Batch 10

MSRP:  $75

Average Secondary Price:  $510

A yearly release as a part of the Colonel E.H. Taylor line, Batch 10 released in 2021 is a great pour delivering a rollercoaster of flavor and plenty of heat at 127.3 proof.  Although these days any of the E.H Taylor bottlings are sought after, this one has a particular gravitas to it, and delivers across the board.  For a complete review to the entire EH Taylor line look no further than the Definitive Guide to EH Taylor.   Current pricing on this bottle ranges from a low of $440 to a high of $600 - cheers if you even see it!

Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel Bourbon

MSRP:  $40

Average Secondary Price:  $275

Elmer T. Lee has always been an enigma to me.  It's like going in for a handshake and the other person has one of those limp hands that leaves you thinking, "what was that?"  It's a good pour, but it simply lacks a lot of character that you might expect given the fervor in which this bottle is sought after.  Nonetheless, it's in demand and very difficult to come by for the most part.  As such, it's a regular on the secondary bourbon market where it fetches anywhere from $220 to $300, expect to pay toward the higher end of that range.

Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Bourbon (aka Pappy 10 Year)

MSRP:  $70

Average Secondary Price:  $855

A kissing cousin to the "insert any Weller brand name here" the Old Rip bottling likely derives from the same mash bill as the wheated line of Wellers, but draws from a different "sweet spot" in the rick house given the limited run and prestigious naming.  The entry level to the Pappy's, it's a good pour and given it's the easiest on your wallet of any of the Van Winkle expressions, it's typically quite sought after.  Although if you're paying secondary for this you probably have some extra change rolling around so perhaps the $750-$950 range won't matter!?!    

Blood Oath Kentucky Straight Bourbon | Pact 8

MSRP:  $119

Average Secondary Price:  $205

A Lux Row product, one thing the Blood Oath line seems to do well at is putting together a product that seems very premium - great bottle, cool box - it really stands out among its peers.  It has some intrigue as well given it's released at 98.6 proof - this corresponds to the temperature of blood in the body, which, you guessed it, is 98.6 degrees. It's definitely unique, but it's not a life changer...that said, it does have a very passionate set of fans.  If you love it, you LOVE it.  I'd suggest given the sticker that you try this at a local watering hole before committing to a bottle.  At the end of the day, it's regularly being bought and sold with not a terrible markup, going regularly for between $175 to $250.

Weller Full Proof

MSRP:  $50

Average Secondary Price:  $285

I recently called Weller Full Proof a "beautiful high-proof wheater."  I wasn't lying, it's a damn fine pour.  It's got a lot going for it, and there's a great reason therefore why it makes the cut on this list.  Whether it's a store pick or just a regular bottle, these are all over the market and in hot demand.  I will happily pay the secondary price for this bottle most any day.  It doesn't move much on price, so the average above is about the going rate but I've seen this for as low as $270 and as high as $300 as of late.

George T. Stagg | 2020 Release

MSRP:  $99

Average Secondary Price:  $955

Interestingly, the 2021 annual release of Buffalo Trace's Antique Collection was missing one of the five illustrious bottlings in the typical lineup, having no George T. Stagg.  The fifteen year old stock that was meant to fill these bottles was just not up to snuff for the label according to Buffalo Trace's master distiller.  Although I was expecting a run up on price, it interestingly didn't get too out of hand, although "out of hand" is really in the eye of the beholder and many would probably say we're already there.  A regular on the secondary, bottle pricing has been trending north, so expect this to set you back around $1,000...a pricey, but wonderful pour!  

Jack Daniels Coy Hill

MSRP:  $70

Average Secondary Price:  $440

This years Jack Daniels release got a little spicy, finding its way to "hazmat" status (bottlings over 140 proof) and is the first time the company has released anything with that kind of heat.  Interestingly, given that these were single barrels the proof point dipped above and below the hazmat line, which meant that the pricing on the secondary varies, with the hazmat bottles fetching a bit more.  Coy Hill refers to the highest elevation rickhouse at the Jack Daniels distillery, and the bottles were sourced from the highest floors.  Depending on how hot a particular bottle is expect to pay anywhere from $380 to $500 to score some of this really unique juice.

E.H. Taylor Single Barrel

MSRP:  $60

Average Secondary Price:  $215

This bottled-in-bond bourbon checks the box on most things: flavor, check, complexity, check, value, check - and it appears that secret is out.  I may have only once seen this "in the wild" despite it being a part of their regular releases.  Over the past year I've also seen a big uptick in store picks for E.H. Taylor Single Barrel expressions; expect to pay in the neighborhood of $195-240...if it's a store pick, add $80 to the price tag!  

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