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Whiskey Glassware | For the Most Discerning Bourboneur

So in a previous post, we provided an introduction to drinking whiskey, but what we didn't touch on was glassware. Selecting the right glass can really have a significant impact on how the whiskey you pour tastes and smells. Let's put it this way - having the right glass is like a painter picking the right brush - creating dull lines or fine detail. When you think about the fact that that bottle of whiskey may have been a hundred years in the making between the oak used in the barrel growing from acorn to tree and the years (potentially) sitting aging in the barrel waiting for this moment - why shortchange yourself and the experience with the wrong glass? Whiskey glassware design is as much about functionality as aesthetics.

So, you're maybe now bought in to why the right glass is so important - lets talk about what is really in the glass that makes it so quintessential to the experience.

Did You Taste That!?!?!?!

So for many reasons, a Glencairn glass is the best glass IMHO for tasting and appreciating your whiskey. The development of the Glencairn was borne through bringing together the master blenders from five of the worlds largest whiskey companies and perfecting the design. I'd like to suggest that I've further refined that design and suggest that you need a Bourboneur Glencairn glass, which you can find in our shop here.

I have for years had a pile of Glencairn's, but what I didn't have is one that has a 2 oz. pour line on it...ours does and that, my friends, is why it's better. For those of you who don't know, when enjoying your whiskey neat, 2 oz. is the pour you're aiming for.

Why is the Glencairn the Best Whiskey Glassware for Bourbon Tasting?

The Glencairn so much more than just a glass; it's a vehicle for delivering an enhanced experience... First off, it's clear, so you can see the color of your whiskey. In prior posts I discussed how I don't much care about the color - brown water is brown water but it does add a little something something to the overall impression being able to view what it is that you're drinking.

The size of the glass is also perfect as it enhances the aromas of the whiskey. Glencairn whiskey glassware does this with it's tapered mouth, which enables the aromas to pool in the glass funneling them to your nose as you bring it to your face. The stem of the glass on the bottom allows you to easily hold it and swirl the whiskey to further bring forth the aromas in the magic brown liquid. Interestingly as well, one can hold the glass with their hands, warming the whiskey which can also vaporize some compounds in the spirit further creating various aromas for the discerning Bourboneur.

Rinse and Repeat

Just remember that between pours, if you're switching it up, be sure to rinse and remove any residue from your last pour. I installed a glass rinser in my bar here, which not only gets a "that's incredible" from many of my garage bar patrons but is super efficient in quickly working through a number of glasses when doing a large tasting with friends and neighbors.

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