Lucky Seven Bourbon | "The Rundown"

March 8, 2023
Lucky Seven Bourbon | "The Rundown"

A brand that's starting to get a bit more buzz lately may be one which some of you have not heard much about, Lucky Seven Spirits.  With the uptick in interest, we wanted to take some time to set the scene for what Lucky Seven is, what it is not, and whether or not the "juice" as it is, is worth the squeeze.  

Right out of the gate, what you need to know is that Lucky Seven is not a distillery, but rather a bourbon sourcing company that blends limited-edition releases.  Founded by two college pals, Lucky Seven is a cinema inspired brand that draws its name from the infamous Hollywood Stage 7 which played host for some of the most recognizable and award-winning films ever produced, earning it the moniker "Lucky Stage 7", hence "Lucky Seven."  The Hollywood branding runs through every aspect of these releases, and as I take in the bottles, I feel like I can almost hear Leo the Lion bellowing his iconic roar from the multitude of MGM releases I've seen over the years.  You'll notice the label on the front takes the form of a movie ticket and for some of these bottles actually lifts up to reveal tasting notes and a QR code tied to a featured film reveal.

So, let's get down to business.  Below we break down the entire lineup of Lucky Seven bottles that you can find and what you can expect from each.

The Hold Up

Lucky Seven Bourbon, The Hold Up

Rounding out at a cool 100 proof, this 14-year-old dram finds balance between sweet and earthy notes with a lingering spiciness that extends the finish a bit.  I personally don't love those finishes that hold on angrily, like a rather salty, clingy ex, but for some of you that like a good throat punch every here and there, this may be just the ticket.

The Jokester

Lucky Seven Bourbon, The Jokester

At 95 proof and with six years in the wood, The Jokester delivers a sweeter pour that lends itself at times a bit more to the fruity side of the spectrum.  A 2020 release, this isn't one you'll find knocking around at the store but, one that has a robust sip that will certainly land well with most Bourboneurs.

The Holiday Toast

Lucky Seven Bourbon, The Holiday Toast

The Holiday Toast is a bourbon without an age statement that features a double oaked profile, having aged firstly in a new charred oak barrel and then finished in a toasted new oak barrel.  Similar to the name, this bottling comes out full swing with Christmas everything...gingerbread, nutmeg, cinnamon, pine...some will find this delicious, but much like Christmas ales, I'm not a big fan of my holidays in my beverages.  

The Proprietor

Lucky Seven Bourbon, The Proprietor

Under the Proprietor label there are four releases that are all very different from each other, with the latest, the 15 Year having been released in January of 2023.  The Proprietor video that accompanies these releases hit home, having had my own home bar for some years and considering myself "the proprietor" of said establishment.  Below we catalogue what you need to know about these four releases which are all single barrel bottlings as the contents were of a quality such that they ought not be blended.

6 Year

A far different sip from its older brothers we'll chat about in a minute, the 6-year-old Proprietor is best described as an earthy and spicy dram that's approachable yet barrel proof, clocking in at 120.6.  You wouldn't know it from the nose however which is sweet and suggests in no way what you're about to experience!

12 Year

Doubling down on the age statement, the 115.9 proof 12-year-old Proprietor leaves behind the earthy tones so readily present in the 6-year bottling and finds its center of gravity balanced between, sweet, spicy and a bit earthy with some oak shining through but in a very fruit forward style focused on dark fruits.  

14 Year

The first two bourbons in the Proprietor lineup were earthy and fruity, but the 14-year-old is a bit more difficult to describe as it takes on a more quintessential bourbon flavor profile.  A classic "bourbony-bourbon."  It comes loaded for bear clocking in at a rather formidable 134.14 proof, and drinks like a dram that has some age, with ribbons of oak layered throughout each sip.

15 Year

Drinking a lot like the 14-Year-Old, the 15-year version of The Proprietor may be best described as saying "ditto" to the description of the 14 Year with the nuance of a bit less fruitiness substituted for a heavy layering in of oak...not necessarily surprising given the additional time in the wood.

The Frenchman

Lucky Seven Bourbon, The Frenchman

Last but not least, The Frenchman is unsurprisingly finished in new French oak barrels, the nose won't lead you to any excitement for the sip that's about to come which can best be described as earthy, leaning in heavily to notes like leather and oak - perhaps even accentuated by the 113 proof that this particular bottling comes in at.  It's a flavor-rich pour that may turn some off.

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