The Top 10 High Proof Bourbons of 2024

January 30, 2024
The Top 10 High Proof Bourbons of 2024

High proof heat is en vogue these days, and why not, a little burn helps make sure you know you’re still on the right side of the dirt and by all accounts helps fend off covid.  I may have made that last part up.  Our 2024 list of high proof bourbons are all winners on their own accounts, collectively offering a solid pour that will have you wondering how you drank through the bottle so fast – possibly due to the lapse of memory from falling out of your barstool.  Presented in no particular order as they’re all pretty darn enjoyable, here are the Bourboneur top releases you need in your life….

Boone County 10 Year Wheated

129.7 Proof

Boone County 10 Year Wheated Single Barrel Bourbon

About a decade ago, Boone County acquired a stash of wheated bourbon; of the hundreds of barrels they received, they set aside sixty some that had a little “somethin’ somethin’” extra going on.  This release is the very last of those set aside barrels and clocks in at 129.2 proof.  Man oh man, is this a good pour.   I will say, I wasn’t sure where this set with me at first as initially it’s hotter than Satan’s crotch, but with a few drops of water (or a lot of drops of water) it opens up into a very fine pour abounding with fruity notes galore.  The heat on this bourbon is more prominent than I was expecting, and drinks like it’s “Jet A” but I’d definitely recommend it if you get the opportunity.    

George T Stagg

135 Proof

George T Stagg Bourbon, Buffalo Trace Antique Collection

The 2023 release of George T Stagg (GTS) is phenomenal, but let’s be honest, you’d be hard pressed to find any of Buffalo Trace’s GTS releases that you’d turn your nose up to.  I managed to fortunately get hands on two bottles this year, and between the proof and age of the juice (15 years, 3 months) it delivers in all the best ways.  The proof doesn’t come out as punchy as you’d expect, however hangs out in the background and lets you know its there without feeling that your taste buds have been assaulted.  If you’re not as fortunate as me to have found your way into a bottle, its well worth your money to grab a snort at your local watering hole.

EH Taylor Barrel Proof – Batch 12

131.1 Proof

Colonel E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon, Buffalo Trace

It may not be a commonly shared opinion, but I feel like Batch 12 is a step down from last year’s Batch 11, which is a step down from Batch 10…but…it’s still a great pour and not one to turn away from if you’ve got the opportunity!  With a classic bourbon flavor profile, it has enough oak to it that it’s starting to show some age but isn’t in your face about it.

Kings County Barrel Strength

127.4 Proof

Kings County Distillery, Barrel Strength Bourbon

A unique poor that will one hundred percent resonate with you as something special, Kings County has opened new ground with their two grain mashbill, drawing from only corn and malted barley.  This is craft whiskey at its finest and even with a low number of years in the wood the texture and flavor come out with a bang.  Take a couple minute detour and read up on everything you need to know about this distillery in Brooklyn of all places!

Blantons Straight from the Barrel

133.7 Proof

Blanton's Straight from the Barrel Bourbon, SFTB

Blanton’s has become a tater staple; I saw just the other day a video of a grown arse man screaming and running amuck when presented with a bottle as a gift from his wife.  I mean, simmer down dude, it’s bourbon.  Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel or “SFTB” for short amps up what is an okay enough bourbon and delivers on a whole other level.  I’ve often heard many folks even suggest that Buffalo Trace should expand their Antique Collection and add this bottle to the lineup.  I don’t necessarily see that happening, but I do see myself adding another bottle of this to my bourbon bunker in the near future as I’m not sure one can have too much of a good thing!

Still Austin Cask Strength

118 Proof

Still Austin Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey

Deep in the heart of Texas, this craft distillery has earned a spot on my shelf and their cask strength bottling is one you should put on your list to try.  There’s a lot of great stuff happening with this pour, which doesn’t drink nearly as high as the proof.

Bookers 2023-03 Mighty Fine Batch

126.6 Proof

Bookers 2023-03 Mighty Fine Batch Bourbon

A number of years back, Bookers moved to named batches with several offerings coming out each year.  Towards the back end of 2023 they dropped their “Mighty Fine Batch.”  A lot of Booker’s for me anyways drinks pretty hot, and this particular bottle is a smooth heat that delivers some great intriguingly complex flavor with a backdrop of typical great bourbony goodness.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof C923

133 Proof

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch C923

Last year, Elijah Craig announced they would be taking what had been a twelve-year bourbon and removing the twelve-year age statement that would differ by release.  At nearly fourteen years in the wood, Elijah Craig’s C923 batch has received a fair bit of buzz, even finding its way onto a guy with an ascots list of top bourbons.  One reviewer even noted that this juice was special enough that it could have been relegated to either a Parker’s Heritage or Heaven Hill Heritage Collection offering.  It’s been a quick seller on the secondary with prices continuing to march north and more and more positive reviews flooding in from all corners of the interwebs.

Angels Envy Cask Strength

118.2 Proof

Angel's Envy 2023 Cask Strength Bourbon

This cask strength bourbon expertly finished in port barrels sets Angel’s Envy apart from the pack and exemplifies their skills in the barrel finishing arena.  A decadent earthy flavor profile that lingers along for just the right amount of time resonates, and next thing you know one glen turns into two, and two to three and then the bottles empty and you’re sad.

Weller Full Proof

114 Proof

Weller Full Proof Wheated Bourbon, Buffalo Trace

Another high proof wheater, the “blue label” Weller is one of my favorites in the Weller lineup with an exceptionally long finish.  It delivers a solid and well-balanced pour and one hundred percent deserves a spot on your top shelf.  It’s so good, that you’ll find yourself pouring an extra finger or two…just for good measure!

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